Arineta Data On Cloud

We are proud to have once again partnered with Arineta, an Israeli company that develops and produces innovative cardiac CT scanners, to deliver a critical component of their data management infrastructure. The ADOC system was developed to store and manage large amounts of information collected by the WSSR system (which we also built for Arineta).

The ADOC system was built using Angular and features a user-friendly client interface, consisting primarily of forms and a robust information retrieval system. The primary focus of the project was on the development of the backend, which was designed to interface with the hospital networks and CT machines to seamlessly transfer data to the cloud.

Our expertise in developing complex and secure data systems, as well as managing large amounts of data, is evident in the successful delivery of the ADOC system. The system's sophisticated database management ensures the safe and efficient storage and retrieval of data, even at a large scale.

This project highlights our commitment to delivering innovative and reliable solutions for clients, ensuring that theirs critical data is managed and stored with the highest level of security and efficiency.


Duration project: 3 months

FrontEnd: Angular, BackEnd: NodeJS, Deployed On: AWS

Web Development

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