Web Development

Workstation Structured Report

The application is installed in hospitals and provides a tool for Cardiology reporting as well as pathologies identification based on a 3D model that the application builds based on CT images.
When the model is built, Cardiology can map vessels dynamically by marking position on the 3D model, and the system will build them.
Cardiology can draw annotations and select different 3D perspectives.

Mobile Development

Tefila App

Tefilla app is a marketplace for prayers, users around the world can purchase prayers for them or for thier relatives from rabbis registered on the app; they can choose from various prayers and even specify the place where the prayer will be recorded.
A recording of the rabbis' prayers is sent back to the buyer after they have prayed for the user or their relative.

ReactNative was used to build the project for iOS and Android devices.

The client is continuing to work with us to build a web version.

Web Development

Arineta Data On Cloud

In order to build models for artificial intelligence-based diagnosis, it was necessary to build an additional system that would store all the information processed in the WSSR (previous project with Arineta) at the site where it was deployed.
ADOC was built with Angular, with a pretty simple client containing mostly forms and a rich information retrieval system.
Almost all the work on this project was dealing with building the backend, which interfaced with the networks in the hospitals and the machines to transfer data from them to the cloud.

Web Development

Management System for Leggenda

Connecting Leggenda's 25 branches to an online ordering service that will communicate directly with the existing systems in the branches to place the orders.
A branch defined the products it could sell through the application, including a list of available products, special offers, etc.
Orders from the users' app are processed through our system, then sent directly to the branch for creation and execution.

Developed as a web app with a resposive UI.

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