Trax Retail

We collaborated with Trax Retail, a company specializing in developing software solutions for optimized store management, inventory automation, and product placement optimization. As part of the project, we successfully modernized an outdated product and added advanced features while enhancing performance.
The outcome was a highly efficient and effective solution.

We were proud to receive the following review from Roy Resh, VP of Product and Engineering at Trax Retail:

"I have worked with Nissim on adding several new features to one of our products, some of them were a bit complex, involving backend integration with an ML model. Nissim has quickly gotten into the code, implemented the features quickly and with high quality, solving the issues and roadblocks he encountered swiftly and efficiently. His expertise in Angular, attention to detail as well as a good understanding of the business needs and use cases have contributed greatly to a smooth and very successful delivery. Looking forward to work with you in the future!"


Duration project: 3 months

FrontEnd: Angular, BackEnd: NodeJs

Web Development

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